Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First try at brushing Cam's teeth

Check that one of the list, no big deal at all. Now we just need to him start walking.....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some pics from the last 4 months :)

So life has been pretty busy the last few months, and therefore the blog has suffered. Cameron has grown so big, not walking yet, but he crawls all over the house. Here is a quick summary in picture form.

Halloween (a giant sombrero, a pirate and a parrot)
We went to Colorado for a wedding....
 ....And got deathly ill, made it to the reception for about 15 minutes
 We took some fall family pictures
 Cameron spent a lot of time at Dr. Straughn's office getting rid of daycare crud
 Cam clapped and smiled his way through his first Christmas
The little guy enjoys going on walks
 and swinging
 He dresses pretty cool
 crawls if he wants something
He loves his pre-meal puffs
 We went to 5 Baylor games (TCU, Missouri, Tx Tech, Texas & the victory at the Alamo vs. Washington)
 The first outdoor project in our huge backyard......a firepit