Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 8!

Cameron is already 8 weeks old! It's amazing how time flies. Let's review the last week....
Cameron is getting so big! He looks like he's going to punch his kangaroo friend :)
Spending time with daddy reading golf magazines!
He is not quite ready for the Bumpo, but we thought we would give it a try!
New shades for our Memorial Day weekend lake trip!
Thursday night we went to walk at White Rock while a Beatles cover-band was playing at the arboretum. We stopped and watched the sunset before heading home.
On Saturday and Sunday we hung out at the Ongena's lakehouse on Lake Athens. It was awesome and Cameron had the honor of being the first baby to visit the house.
The girls!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 7

Today Cameron turned 7 weeks old. Ella Mackay, who was born just a few hours before Cameron at the same hospital, came over with her family, Tommy, Krista & Owen. We had to get a pic with the two of them together. Watch you hand Cameron!
Ella rested her head on Cameron's shoulder. So sweet!!

Cameron's best friend at the moment is the ceiling fan. He can't get enough of it and stares at it every second he is in the living room. It calms him down so no complaints here....yet.
We started putting Cameron in his crib to get him used to it. Up until now he sleeps in the pack n' play, but it's time to get used to his room before I go back to work.
 Tummy time!! This is the focused moment right before he rolls over!
Big Smile! 
Jonas spent the afternoon cleaning his old Legos for Owen (1 of 5 bins). He was super excited since he was able to build some stuff as well.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cam is now 6 weeks old. He has started smiling at us and likes to watch the ceiling fan and other "interesting" objects. 
Cameron absolutely loves to take baths, especially when he gets to go swimming. He completely relaxes and goes limp.

Congratulations to Keith & Lena on their engagement in Florida!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 5 & Mother's Day

Cameron turned 5 weeks old this Saturday. He is growing so fast! This past Monday he hit 10 lbs and added about an inch to his height. He is becoming much more alert and has expanded his repertoire to being awake without eating all the time-- quite nice for mom and dad.
Striking a pose after eating!
We got to go to game #3 against the Lakers (which we ended up sweeping) while Poppy Chip and JoAnn babysat
Saturday night mexican food and ice cream
Apparently Cameron gets very nervous when he goes for his checkups. Most visits (which are only about 20 minutes) he has to have his diaper changed multiple times. Last time was extra eventful with some REALLY dirty diapers and a spraying hose.
Thursday was a perfect day for the Arboretum with Karen and precious Hallie! Hallie liked to watch over Cameron and make sure everything was going ok.
Saturday morning Jonas had a golf tournament with his Guidestone co-workers. Team Tuxedo shot -12 in a four man scramble, but failed to take the top prize. They did blow out the competition for most outrageous team uniforms.....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Weeks old!

Yesterday was Cameron's 4 week birthday. He has grown so much and developed his own personality. He tells us when he's hungry and needs to be changed, and loves to stare at the ceiling fan spinning around. He is able to move his head around and recognizes our voices on command. Most nights he sleeps at least 5 hours, with the occasional 6-7 hours stretch. He celebrated his "birthday" in style by lounging on the couch for a few photos.

 This is his usual nap spot, on the boppy with his dog passifier
 We also had the pleasure on having lunch with the Lacey's, and Molly was delighted to hang out with Cam for a little bit.
How in the world did he fit in here?